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Lake Tarawera Bach

Having fallen in love with Lake Tarawera after renting baches on numerous occasions, it made complete sense for Mark and Erin to buy their own property that they could enjoy with their two kids.

So when Mark saw some land for sale in the area, he knew they had to snap it up! Two days later the property was theirs, but that was just the beginning of a long journey to the beautiful camping-inspired bach they have today. Miriama paid Mark and Erin a visit this week to learn more about this spectacular and unpretentious design. 

Since Mark and Erin wanted to replicate the charm and magic of camping, none of the rooms in the bach are internally connected. This means that the family have to head outside via the central walkway to get between rooms - though thankfully the area is covered!

The deck and walkway are perhaps the most important features of the entire bach, taking up half the floor plan. "The deck had to be as equally important as the bach because we knew we would spend more than half our time at the Lake outside" says Mark. 

The boundaries between the inside and outside of this stunning bach are blurred in the best possible way. On the back deck and above the walkway, there is a polycarbonate roof which offers more protection from the weather. Since this roof is opaque, it omits a diffused light and creates a lovely lantern effect at night. 

Since Mark and Erin are active, as well as their kids, the way their home away from home embraces the outdoors is truly fitting. Every design element has been perfectly thought out, and it's no wonder they spend so much time there. 

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