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Eco-Industrial Country Home

From the outside it's an unusual look for a home, but thanks to many incredible features this chic, eco-friendly industrial design by Kiwi architect Richard Archer is as inviting as a home can be. 

Owner Cheryl Suess took some time out to show Miriama all the wonderful aspects of her home, which include one-off recycled junk yard finds such as old circus gantry as a deck canopy, recycled wooden pellet ceilings and 'flotsam and jetsam' of industrial waste. 

As Miriama discovered this week, the iconic Kiwi shed proved inspirational to Cheryl, who based the original design of her home on the look. 'I've always loved woolsheds and corrugated iron. I love what happens to metal as it gets older. I also love contemporary industrial design (I'm an industrial photographer) so I asked the architect to combine the idea of the tin shed with something industrial,' says Cheryl. 

And while at first glance the idea of a shed-like home might seem cold and uninviting, the reality is the opposite. As Richard noted, the interior planning of the house is 'akin to that of substantial country homes with large reception rooms, generous entertaining spaces and all necessary supporting facilities.' Cheryl certainly doesn't feel overwhelmed by the home either. 'I know it's large but because the areas are separated I don't feel it's too big,' she says.

To make an enquiry on this eco-friendly home, which is now for sale, click here. 

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