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Stacey’s Adventures in Clyde

Nestled in a sheltered basin at the foot of an immense gorge in Central Otago, Clyde is surrounded by an area renowned first for gold in 1862, and then for its stone fruit orchards. While the town has a small population of less than 1000, it offers plenty of enjoyable activities for visitors from internationally renowned vineyards to stunning historical buildings. But are there enough activities for adventurous visitors? Stacey set off this week to find out.

About Olivers:

Boasting a restaurant, café-bakery-delicatessen (Merchant of Clyde) and a brewery (the Victoria Store Brewery), Olivers is a must-visit in Clyde. 

The original stone complex, located in the town's historic precinct, was built by Benjamin Naylor in 1869 as a general store, servicing the prospectors who sought their fortunes during the Otago gold rush. Protected by the NZ Historic Places Trust with a priority category one classification, the homestead, old store, coach sheds, stables and barns have also been restored. 

About Rabbit Range:

Alice and Greg operate horse treks in the Central Otago area with tours suited to individuals and couples who like a personalised service. Their horses are largely rescued Thoroughbreds and Standardbreds from the horse racing industry, and can be matched with both experienced riders and complete novices. 

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