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Boosting Memory

We live in a technology-driven world that constantly bombards us with information. Texts, phone calls, alarms, emails, TV and radio produce multiple sights and sounds that are distracting us to the point that we're losig the art of paying attention, and this is having a serious impact on our memories.

To learn more about memory, Monty met with Gillian Eadie from The Memory Foundation, to learn some effective techniques to boost our memory in important day to day tasks. 

The Memory Foundation

The Memory Foundation was established in 2008 by sisters Gillian Eadie and Dr Allison Lamont, PHD whose mother suffered from Alzheimer's disease.

Allison's ground-breaking research into age-related memory loss has attracted world-wide interest while Gillian is an award-winning educator who travels widely to address groups about the importance of protecting and enhancing memory skills beyond the age of 50.

The Foundation runs a number of courses and Gillian and Allison have written a number of e-books and books, including The 7 Day Brain Boost

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