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Indoor Plants

Indoor planting is back in vogue and adding a few potted beauties to your home is an easy way to create a lush and natural atmosphere. As well as showing us the hottest trends in indoor planting, Tony is also giving his top picks for indoor plants that are almost impossible to kill. 


Water plants thoroughly before potting and allow to drain.


  • Partly fill your container with Tui Pot Power
  • Gently loosen the root ball and position the plant in the centre of the container
  • Fill your container with Tui Pot Power up to 3cm from the top
  • Tap the container gently around the base of the plant
  • Water your plant well

Caring for your indoor plants:

  • The more light the plants get the better. Place on a window sill, bench or table where possible to allow light to access your plant.
  • Dust particles can cling to plants leaves and block the leaf pores. Every now and then spray a fine mist of water over the leaves to unclog the pores and gently wipe with a cloth if needed. Alternatively place the plant outside and water with the hose, or place the plant in the shower and then allow to dry.
  • Plants use nutrients from the soil as they grow, so replenishing the nutrients ensures your plants remain healthy. Controlled release fertilisers are the best option for indoor potted plants. Feed your plants with Scotts Osmocote Pots, Planters & Indoors in spring and autumn.
  • Water your indoor plants regularly so they don't dry out.
  • Dampening off or mould problems can occur. Try and ensure your plants have adequate air flow.

More on this project:

The following Tui products were used in this project:

  • Tui Pot Power
  • Osmocote Pots, Planters and Indoors
  • Debco SaturAide

Click here to get the Tui step by step guide for this project and information on the products used.


Special thanks to...

Gellerts for providing the plants
Elho for the pots

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