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Killer Desserts

Tarte Tatin - it's fun to say and even more enjoyable to eat as Mike proved this week. With the weather turning cooler, this end-of-meal show stopper will keep bellies warm and satisfied, and can be altered to suit your own tastes. 

The Story Behind Tarte Tatin

This delectable dessert was allegedly created by the Tatin sisters in the late 1800s in France. Legend has it that hotelier Stephanie Tatin left some apples intended for a pie, cooking for too long on the stove. When she realised her mistake, Stephanie attempted to rescue it by covering the apples with a pastry and baking the pie anyway. After removing it from the oven, she turned it upside down and served it to guests as a caramelised upside-down apple tart, creating what we now know as Tarte Tatin.

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