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BBQ Boneless Pork Shoulder with Lemon Garlic Gravy

  • Serves: 12
  • Ingredients

    For the pork:

    • 3.5-4kg boneless pork shoulder (from the supermarket or the butcher)
    • Bunch parsley
    • Dijon mustard
    • Salt and pepper
    • Butchers string
    • 2 cups of water
    BBQ Boneless Pork Shoulder with Lemon Garlic Gravy


    Butterfly the pork (this can be done on the morning of the dinner party and left until you're ready to start cooking):

    1. With a good sharp knife, make a cut down the centre of the pork. Make sure you don't cut all the way through to the chopping board. 
    2. From that middle incision cut outwards on both sides to create two flaps of meat that open to the right and the left side (like a butterfly). What you're aiming for is a similar thickness of pork throughout so it will cook evenly.
    3. Make sure the skin side of the roast is facing down towards your chopping board then using the back of a spoon smother the meat with Dijon mustard. 
    4. Once it's covered chop a handful of parsley and sprinkle it over the mustard along with a good pinch of salt and pepper.
    5. Turn the edge furthest away from the skin inward and begin rolling the pork back up. The skin should encase the pork and help the meat from drying out.
    6. Now that the pork is a uniform shape, use a bread knife and score the pork, making cuts into the skin but not all the way through. This is going to help make fantastic crackling but also helps when you are cutting it to serve.
    7. Tie with butcher's string to ensure it keeps its shape during the cooking process. (Mike won't do it the proper way. He'll just use bits of string and knot them together at the top of the meat.)
    8. Season the outside of the pork with salt, pepper and a little olive oil.


    Cooking on the BBQ: 

    1. Three hours before your guests arrive, turn on the barbecue hot plate to high.
    2. Once it has reached 200 degrees, put the rolled seasoned, butterflied pork shoulder on the flat plate and using carving forks or tongs, turn the meat over until it is nicely coloured all over.
    3. Place the pork in a large roasting tray on top a rack sitting in the bottom of the tray. Pour two cups of water into the bottom of the roasting tray and cover it all with tin foil. The water and the foil will help keep the moisture in the meat.
    4. Put two bricks on the hot plate of the barbecue the same distance apart as the width of the roasting tray. Sit the roasting tray on top of the bricks. If the roasting pan sits directly on the hot plate the pork will burn. Shut the lid. Using the temperature gauge on the barbecue to keep the heat constant between 180-200 degrees. 
    5. After 1 hour open the lid up and remove the tin foil. 
    6. Cut four lemons in half, squeeze the juice from the lemons into the bottom of the roasting pan and throw the squeezed lemon skins in there too. Add two whole bulbs of garlic. If the water has evaporated in the cooking process, add another cup to the pan. Brush the skin with oil. Keep the meat uncovered and put the lid of the barbecue down again for a further 1 hour.
    7. When the two hours cooking time is complete, probe the thickest part of the meat with a meat thermometer. The perfect internal temperature is 60 degrees. This will ensure your meat is slightly pink but cooked. If you don't have a meat thermometer you can put a knife into the thickest part of the meat and check if the juices run clear. 
    8. Remove the pork to a chopping board and let it rest uncovered.
    BBQ Boneless Pork Shoulder with Lemon Garlic Gravy


    For the gravy:

    • 4 lemons
    • 2 bulbs garlic
    • 2 Tbsp. butter


    1. Remove the lemon skins from the bottom of the roasting pan 
    2. Using a sharp knife, cut the top half inch of the garlic bulb to expose the ends of the individual cloves and squeeze out the roasted garlic paste into the bottom of the pan
    3. Take the pan back to the hot plate on the barbecue and heat up the pan juices and garlic. Whisk in two tablespoons of cold unsalted butter. The butter must be cold otherwise it will emulsify. Pour the gravy into a jug and set aside.

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