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Kelly Francis’ Inspiring Reveal

After her doctor expressed concerns about her weight and the risk of diabetes, 29 year old Kelly made a decision that would see her lose 23kg over a year. Embarking on an intense exercise regime that included yoga, running, waka ama, netball and tennis, along with making healther meal choices, Kelly lost the weight and gained the confidence to score a new job in travel. 

With things looking up it was time to hit the shops, except Kelly wasn't sure how to shop for her age and new body. Cue fashion maven Kylie Bax, who used her flair for style to help Kelly find the perfect outfit for her birthday.

Get Kelly's Final Look:

  • Dress - Finest Hour lace dress from Portman's $127.00
  • Support Wear - Farmers $23.96
  • Shoes - London Rebel Bronte dress sandal from Number One Shoes $69.99
  • Hoop Earrings - Lovisa $14.99
  • Pinky ring - Lovisa $5.00
  • Clutch - Miami envelope clutch from PAGANI $34.99
  • Lashes - #4 at MAC $26.00

Click here for more information on looks featured in tonight's episode. 

Kelly Francis’ Inspiring Reveal
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