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Helping Rachael Out Of Her Fashion Rut

Single working mum of three Rachael is stuck in a fashion rut, with most of her wardrobe consisting of jeans or active wear. While she's ready for a change, Rachael is not sure where to start when it comes to shopping for her height and bigger than average feet, so it's Kylie to the rescue!

Tips for Dressing Pear Shaped, Tall Women

Rachael has a gorgeous classic pear shaped body, so dressing to balance out a bottom-heavy shape is key.

  • The layering technique uses varying levels of hemline to add visual interest that draws the eye away from the centre of the body. 
  • Diagnonal stripes are great as they create an optical illusion for the eye which is sliming. 
  • A neutral bottom, like a plain suede skirt, and a colourful top is perfect for pear shaped figures as the look draws the eyes up and balances out the body.
  • Wide legged trousers are very on trend right now and can balance the bottom half of the body.

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